14km - VELI VRH 09.06.2018. 09:00 09.06.2018. 14:00 14 km 530 m 530 m More...

Finished :: 143 registered, 114 paid, 114 numbered,

Paid Competitors :: 14km - VELI VRH

Event - Public Race Registered/Paid Competitors Results

Registration Until: 28.05.2018. 23:59

Start: 09.06.2018. 09:00

CRO 107 Croatia
GER 1 Germany
HUN 3 Hungary
ITA 10 Italy
SLO 21 Slovenia
VIE 1 Vietnam

CRO 88 Croatia
ITA 9 Italy
SLO 17 Slovenia

CRO 88 Croatia
ITA 9 Italy
SLO 17 Slovenia

Race registration have been closed.

Start NumberLast NameFirst NameSexYear of birthCategoryCountryClub/TeamFeeStatus
307LikarRokMale 1980M35 SLO - Slovenia YesFIN finished
308PaskvanLjubomirMale 1954M50 CRO - Croatia YesFIN finished
310TokovicKatarinaFemale 1974W35 CRO - Croatia YesFIN finished
355PožgajStefanaFemale 1987WS CRO - Croatia YesFIN finished
360RužićTomislavMale 1982M35 CRO - Croatia YesFIN finished
383KlopotanLeonMale 1982M35 SLO - Slovenia YesFIN finished
384ZajcAnjaFemale 1986WS SLO - Slovenia YesFIN finished
390RusJasminaFemale 1981W35 SLO - Slovenia YesDNS did not start
337KlarićAnaFemale 1983W35 CRO - Croatia YesFIN finished
389PetricVidakMale 1990MS SLO - Slovenia YesFIN finished
342LjutićPetraFemale 1998WS CRO - Croatia YesFIN finished
409KerekovićNikolaMale 1984MS CRO - Croatia YesFIN finished
335JajašKatjaFemale 1971W35 CRO - Croatia YesDNS did not start
345MatovinaAlenMale 1991MS CRO - Croatia YesDNS did not start
343LukežićMatkoMale 1990MS CRO - Croatia YesFIN finished
385DolencMARUŠAFemale 1989WS SLO - Slovenia YesFIN finished
388PegamDavidMale 1991MS SLO - Slovenia YesFIN finished
349MohorovičićVedranMale 1976M35 CRO - Croatia YesFIN finished
329DasovićIvanMale 1979M35 CRO - Croatia YesDNS did not start
410LeskovarSonjaFemale 1971W35 SLO - Slovenia YesFIN finished
363SrokArnoMale 1968M50 CRO - Croatia YesFIN finished
376ČlekovićMatejaFemale 1989WS CRO - Croatia YesDNF did not finish
375ČlekovićAnaFemale 1984WS CRO - Croatia YesDNF did not finish
341KvasićDamirMale 1977M35 CRO - Croatia YesFIN finished
332Grudić KvasićSandaFemale 1980W35 CRO - Croatia YesFIN finished