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to fundraising firefighter stair challenge

Zagreb Firefighter Stair Challenge

Fundraising firefighter stair challenge is organized by Zagreb Firefighters since 2013. Consistently with its humanitarian character, each entry fee is a charitable donation for Association of parents of children with the most severe disabilities “The Hummingbirds”.

The race is open to all working firefighters, professional as well as voluntary ones in, such as for firefighter children and youth, accordance with the Firefighting legislation in force, and in the categories listed in the event rules.

We invite you and your members/employees to take part in this charity firefighter race by active participation and/or donation, in order to show, once more, the concord and fellowship of the firefighters.


Time:                               Saturday, 1 Decemer 2018, 10 a.m.

Place:                    Strojarska 20, Zagreb, main office building

Race:                     a double staircase

Registration:         online registration form

Entry Fee:             150 HRK / 20 EUR

Bank deposit details; account for special purpose opened just for fundraising  



Reference – ZG193 - name and surname of participant

Account holder – Jasmina Kadija


Fcb page:

Web page:



Zagreb Firefighters

Dear competitors,

in accordance with the GDPR or the European Personal Data Protection Regulation that determines how and under what conditions the data given to a third party may and may not be used, we inform you:

  • The information we receive from you will be used solely for the purposes of your application at the race you are applying for. The data will be visible on the website in the list of registered competitors, for the purpose of the start list of the competitor and the results of the race. By regulation, your data is voluntarily used and their disclosure is permitted.
  • every time you log on race on, you must agree to the terms of use including the GDPR regulation to continue filling out the form. If you have any objections to the disclosure of your information, please let us know so that we can remove them from there. With this move you will not be included in the start list, nor on the result list.
  • From the moment you submit your application, you may receive an email with information regarding the race maintenance and registration as well as other information related to the entire fundraising activities within which this challenge is the main part, but still in the context of your voluntary participation in the challenge.

 Your information may not be used and we won't use them for other purposes, nor sold to third parties for remarketing purposes.

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Fundraising Firefighter Stair Challenge




Article 1

The event is held under the name Zagreb Firefighter Stair Challenge – fundraising firefighter stair race


Article 2

The event is open to firefighters (voluntary and professional) who have acquired the training for the Firefighter rank, or finished Firefighter school and obtained the title of Firefighter or Firefighting Technician in accordance with the appropriate Firefighting legislation.

All competitors must have a valid proof of medical fitness needed to conduct firefighters job. International Firefighters must have the minimum education needed to work as a firefighter in the country they are coming from.

As of 2018, firefighter kids and youths can also participate in the race. they prove it by confirmation; List from Vatronet, HVZ-a.

Kids and youth from abroad must have confirmation that they are members of fire organizations, in accordance with the regulations of the country they are coming from.


Article 3

Each competitor can compete only in one category.

The competitor is not obliged to be a current member of a fire brigade.


Article 4

Challenge runs in the following categories, males and females separately:

Light - >40 years; 40+ years

Open - >30 years; >40 years; >50 years; 50+ years

Strong - >30 years; >40 years; >50 years; 50+ years

Easy - >10 years, >14 years, >18 years

Equipment required for different categories:

Light – protective clothing, boots, gloves, helmet

Open – protective clothing, boots, gloves, helmet, whole face mask and self-contained breathing apparatus with a compositional bottle

Strong - protective clothing, boots, gloves, helmet, whole face mask and self-contained breathing apparatus with a steel bottle

Easy – helmet


Years of age of the competitors are determined including the year the event is held in.


Article 5

The aim of the race is to climb the inner staircase from the level of -4 to the level +26 (666 stairs) of the main office building, Strojarska 20, Zagreb, as quick as possible. While doing so firefighters must wear structural firefighting equipment in accordance with the line of work and legislation in force:

  • Structural Firefighting entry helmet – HRN EN 443
  • Structural Firefighting protective clothing – HRN EN 469
  • Structural Firefighting gloves – HRN EN 659
  • Structural Firefighting entry boots – HRN EN 15090

For the categories Open and Strong beside all of the above-mentioned equipment, whole face mask and self-contained breathing apparatus with compositional or steel bottle is required.

In the category of kids and youth, the goal is to climb the inner staircase from the level of -4 to the ground floor (88 stairs).

Kids and young can compete in sports equipment, whatever they want. The only required equipment is a fire helmet; competitive youth helmet, competitive adult helmet, a forest fire helmet or a Structural Firefighting entry helmet. This equipment will not be provided for the competitors.


Article 6

By picking race numbers competitors are requested to sign a statement saying they are taking responsibility for their own safety.

For each juvenile contestant, responsibility is assumed by the parent who signs to confirm this. The signed confirmation must be presented at registration by a parent or guardian.


Article 7

The event is a strictly voluntary project and a fundraiser for The Association of parents of children with the most severe disabilities “The Hummingbirds”, Zelinska 2, Zagreb.

The registration fee is outlined in the invitation.


Article 8

The event organizers, judges and all other participants in the organization will not receive any payment for their work from any fundraising.


Article 9

Winners of all categories will be symbolically rewarded by the sponsors'.


Zagreb, 31. May 2018.


Zagreb Firefighters


Vatrogasci Zagreb

Vatrogasci Zagreb

Payment and correction of race results
  • Organiser Vatrogasci Zagreb is responsible for accuracy of race data, opening and closing of registrations and recording of the race fee payment.
  • This website does not have access to the organiser bank account.
  • Please ask the organiser Vatrogasci Zagreb directly regarding the payments and other race information.
  • Any other questions regarding race results should be sent to



Phone: +38598766814

Address: Trg Nikole Tesle 11, 10361 Sesvetski Kraljevec, CRO - Croatia

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