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Island of Pag Trail 2019 - BLUE 11KM/265m+ 06.04.2019. 10:00 06.04.2019. 13:00 11 km 265 m 265 m More...

Finished :: 302 registered, 274 paid, 264 numbered,

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Number of registered competitors: 302
Number of paid fees: 274
Registration Until: 04.04.2019. 23:59
Start: 06.04.2019. 10:00

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Island of Pag Trail 2019

3rd round of Coastal & mountain trails league

BLUE 11KM/265m+

Race: BLUE 11km/265m+

Location: Kolan, island of Pag

Date: April 6th, 2019., start at 10.00 AM

Time limit: 10.00 – 13.00h (3h)

Start/Finish: Kolan (at municipality of Kolan)

Registrations are open from January 15th up to March 25th, 2019. Competitors registered until March 20th, 2019. can get a T-shirt.

Race info: http://islandpagtrail.com/en/

Track info: http://islandpagtrail.com/en/staze/blue-11-km-265-m.html

Registration and entry fee: http://islandpagtrail.com/en/informacije/prijava-i-startarina.html

Rules and Regulations:  http://islandpagtrail.com/en/informacije/pravila-natjecanja.html


Additional info:

Organizer: Municipality of Kolan

Technical organizer: Mountain Traveller Croatia, mountain adventures specialist

Contact:  tzokolan1@gmail.com