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35.Plitvice marathon 2020. - Marathon 42 km 15.11.2020. 09:00 15.11.2020. 13:30 42.195 km More...

Finished :: 344 registered, 208 paid, 147 numbered, 197 - REG 129 - FIN 18 - DNS

AFG 4 Afghanistan
BEL 3 Belgium
BEN 1 Benin
BIH 10 Bosnia and Herzegovina
CAN 1 Canada
CRO 236 Croatia
CZE 3 Czechia
ESP 1 Spain
FRA 3 France
GBR 8 Great Britain
GER 4 Germany
HKG 1 Hong Kong
HUN 22 Hungary
IRL 2 Ireland
NED 1 Netherlands
NGR 1 Nigeria
POL 7 Poland
POR 1 Portugal
RUS 2 Russia
SCO 1 Scotland
SLO 10 Slovenia
SRB 4 Serbia
SRI 1 Sri Lanka
SUI 1 Switzerland
SVK 5 Slovakia
USA 7 United States
ZIM 4 Zimbabwe

BEL 2 Belgium
CRO 154 Croatia
CZE 2 Czechia
FRA 1 France
GBR 5 Great Britain
GER 1 Germany
HUN 18 Hungary
IRL 1 Ireland
NED 1 Netherlands
NGR 1 Nigeria
POL 7 Poland
RUS 1 Russia
SCO 1 Scotland
SLO 4 Slovenia
SRB 3 Serbia
SVK 3 Slovakia
USA 3 United States

CRO 124 Croatia
CZE 1 Czechia
GBR 2 Great Britain
HUN 9 Hungary
NED 1 Netherlands
POL 6 Poland
RUS 1 Russia
SLO 1 Slovenia
SRI 1 Sri Lanka
SVK 1 Slovakia

Event - Public Race Registered Competitors Results

The Marathon

The Plitvice Lakes Marathon is a road running race in total length of 42.195m. The race consists of one lap and has an official certificate of the AIMS. Both start and finish are at the same point. Checkpoints are on the 12th and 30th kilometer.

The start of the race is November, 15.11.2020 at 9:00am in Mukinje, in front of the sports hall ŠRC Mukinje.

All competitors that enter the race must be healthy and they run at their own risk. By registering for the race, the competitor gives up all possibility of transferring responsibility to the organizer of the race and confirms his/her health status and competence to finish the race. The Organizer will provide medical care in accordance to the rules of road race organization.

All competitors must be 18 or older on the day of the race.

By registering for the race, the competitor agrees that any photographs taken before, during or after the race can be used by the organizer for internal needs and promotion of the event. The competitor agrees that the organizer can use their personal data for internal communication and for promotional purposes.

Refreshments are provided at the start, during the race and at the finish line all in accordance to the rules of the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation) and HAS (Croatian Athletics Federation).

Additional refreshments will be offered in the finish area.

Timing is measured electronically, with an electronic chip and all results will be published on the official website of the organizer immediately after the race.

All competitors will have a net time (chip start) and gross time (the time from the start signal to finish time). The official score is the competitors gross time in accordance with the rules of the IAAF.

The start number is placed solely on the chest of the competitor and must be visible throughout the race. During the race the competitor must have the corresponding chip to the start number. Without the chip the number will not be registered. Failure to comply with the rules of the race will entail disqualification of the competitor.

The race time limit is 6:00h (8:32 min/km) Check points of time limits will be on the 30th km –(4:30h).

The unofficial race results will be published immediately after the race. The right to appeal is three days after the publication of the unofficial results. The results become official after the right to complain expires.

Traffic is closed and a police motorcycle escort and official car are provided for the first group of competitors.

Unless otherwise stated, the rules of the Croatian Athletic Federation are applied, in agreement with the rules of the IAAF.


The Familiy Marathon

Family time is a tradition of the Plitvice Lakes Marathon. The organizer\'s wish is to see all families come together and enjoy their stay at the National Park and run together. This is how the Family Marathon started. The idea is that every family that wishes to participate in the family marathon must have one member in each race. Their race times are then added up and that is the final result. So to explain, one family must have one member in the 5km race, one member must run the half marathon and one member must run the marathon.
Only immediate families can apply.
Family members should apply individually for each race and with each registration they must send an e-mail to  a.k.plitvice@gmail.com with subject: registration for family marathon.


Start package includes:

  • Entrance ticktes for the Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Sport shirt with race logo
  • Sport bag with race logi
  • Pasta party
  • Post race meal ( except race at 5 km )
  • Energy drink
  • Finishers medal



AK Plitvice

Atletski Klub Plitvice

Payment and correction of race results
  • Organiser AK Plitvice is responsible for accuracy of race data, opening and closing of registrations and recording of the race fee payment.
  • This website does not have access to the organiser bank account.
  • Please ask the organiser AK Plitvice directly regarding the payments and other race information.
  • Any other questions regarding race results should be sent to timing@stotinka.hr

Website: https://www.facebook.com/A.K.Plitvice/

Email: a.k.plitvice@gmail.com

Phone: +385 98 945 9165

Address: Mukinje 32, 53231 Plitvička Jezera, CRO - Croatia

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