Halloween Osijek Urban Trail 2021 31.10.2021. 19:06 31.10.2021. 20:06 5.55 km 12 m 12 m More...

Finished :: 158 registered, 124 paid, 133 numbered,

Registered Competitors :: Halloween Osijek Urban Trail 2021

Event - Public Race Registered Competitors Results

Registration Until: 31.10.2021. 19:05

Start: 31.10.2021. 19:06

Number of registered competitors: 158
Number of paid fees: 124
Number of numbered competitors: 133
Race registration have been closed.

Start NumberLast NameFirst NameSexFeeStatus
AnićAdrijanaFemale REG registered
BiroAlanMale REG registered
ĐapićAnaFemale REG registered
63LovrinčevićAnaFemale  YesFIN finished
96SvalinaAnaFemale  YesFIN finished
AzenićAnaFemale REG registered
67MakAnaFemale  YesFIN finished
122GaleAnaFemale FIN finished
5BehinAndreaFemale  YesDNF did not finish
17CirakiAndrejaFemale  YesFIN finished
85Plišo VidakovićAnitaFemale  YesFIN finished
111VekićAnteMale  YesDNF did not finish
Barišić LasovićAntonijaFemale REG registered
56LagatorAntonioMale  YesFIN finished
104ToncAntunMale  YesDNF did not finish
92Rikert KanižaAstridFemale  YesDNF did not finish
KatarinaBandaloFemale REG registered
88PršaBarbaraFemale  YesFIN finished
129LanaBarišićFemale DNF did not finish
100ŠiklošiBeataFemale  YesFIN finished
112VincetićBlažMale  YesFIN finished
LehkiBorislavaFemale REG registered
RikertBornaMale REG registered
60LatasBranislavaFemale  YesFIN finished
4BegonjaBrankoMale  YesFIN finished