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Brijuni Adventure Race 2016 - LIGHT 40 Km 17.09.2016. 11:30 17.09.2016. 22:00 40 km More...

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  • DATES: September 17th, 2016.
  • COUNTRY: Croatia
  • REGION: Istria 
  • CITY: Fasana


DISCIPLINES: Trek/Run, MTB-O, Kayak, Snorkeling, Swimming
DISTANCE: 40 Km (light)
CATEGORIES: men's team, mix team (M+W, W+W)




1.1. Teams of two people, may be of the same of different sex, take par in the race and compete in the same category.
1.2. Awards will be given to the first three teams total and in the mix category if there are more than five mix teams. Mix teams consist either of F+F or F+M pairs.
1.3. A team is made up out of two contestants above the age of 18. If the contestant is younger than 18 his or her guardian or parent must sign a waiver of responsibilty towards the race organisers.
1.4. All contestant participate at their own risk. Before starting all contestants must sign a statement saying they are familiarised with all the rules and accept them in their entirety.
1.5. From the beginning of the race all contestants must carry the equipment prescribed by the organizer.
1.6. All contestant must have health insurance.
1.7. During race registrations, all contestants must enter the name of their team and the names of the contestatnts.


2.1. The organizer will provide topographic maps for the race.
2.2. The contestants must take care of food and drink during the race.
2.3. In case that a race official, doctor, race organizer or a member of the HGSS establishes that a contestant is injured and cannot go on in the race, the team will be disqualified.
2.4. A team that arrives to a control point after dropping out from the race of being disqualified must heed to the organizers instructions by returning to the staring point.
2.5. A team will be considered to have successfully reached a control point if both team members arrive simultaneously, unless allowed otherwise by the organizers.
2.6. The contestants must reach all the control points in their exact order, unless stated otherwise by the amended rules.
2.7. The contestants mustn't receive any help by outsiders, unless stated otherwise by the amended rules.
2.8. The maximum distance between the two competitores from the same team is 100 meters. If the competitors are further apart, they will be disqualified.


3.1. The contestants must abide according to the Safety in traffic law ("Narodne novine", number 105/2004). For each violation, the team will be penalized with 1 hour in time. This time will be added to the team's results.
3.2. VERIGE. In Verige bay (V. Brijuni) a total of ten minutes will be added for each control point you don't find. If you don't find 3 or more control points you will be behind the team with all the control points irregardless of time.
3.3. CASTRUM (V. Brijuni). A total of ten minutes will be added for each control point you don't find. If you don't find 3 or more control points you will be behind the team with all the control points irregardless of time.
3.4. CITY ORINTATION (Fažana) A total of ten minutes will be added for each control point you don't find. If you don't find 3 or more control points you will be behind the team with all the control points irregardless of time.

3.5. ABSEIL (Fažana – ultra category). Abseil is an optional control point. It is sufficient for one team member to reach the control point (located at half of the height of the bell tower). 15 minutes will be deducted from the total team for all teams that reach this control point.
3.6. ADRENALIN PARK (AC BiVillage). For each obstacle that was not dealt with accordingly a 5 minute penatly will be added to the total time score of the tea . Each obstacle can be “zipped“. If you zip an obstacle, you haven't passed the obstacle accordingly. If you zip 3 or more obstacles you will be behind the team with all the obstacles irregardless of time.
3.6. When arriving to the finish line you are obliged to show your equipment to the organizers. For each piece of equipment missing a 30 minute penalty will be added to your total time score.


4.1. All contestants have to have the prescribed personal and team equipment. The organizers are allowed to check for that at any point of the race.
4.2. Using GPS devices is allowed only in case of emergency. We kindly ask the contestants to refrain from using any devices enabling them to communicate with other teams.
4.3. Using GPS devices with maps is not allowed. Any team using such devices will be disqualified.
4.4. The contestants are responsible for all the equipment provided by the organizers and have to make up any damage done during the race.
4.5. The organizer s are not responsible for any damage to personal equipment.


5.1. All contestants that don't have tjeir own kayak will get one (along with paddles and two safety vest) from the organizers.
5.2. In case of lost or damaged equipment the organizers retain the right to charge the contestants at market prices.


6.1. For any unsportsmanlike conduct, destruction of environment or the equipment of other teams, the team will be disqualified. The contestants are morally, materially and legally responsible for their behaviour during the race and by participating in the race agree not to press any charges (civil or penal) against the organizers.


7.1. All appeals must be handed in to the organizer within 15 minutes of the race end. All appeals handed after that time will not be taken in consideration. All results are final.


8.1. If a team gets lost during the race, the organizers will take necessary measurments to ensure that the team returns safely to the finish line.
8.2. Organizer may move or cancel a control point if they see so fit, but in doing so they musn't bring any of the team into a less favourable position than the other teams.
8.3. The organizer's interpretation of the rules is the only valid one.
8.4. The contestants agree that all photo and video material taken during the race may be used to promote the race.
8.5. All teams that do not comply with the above mentioned rules will be disqualified.

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